Documentation Overview

This page describes the Angular documentation at a high level. If you're new to Angular, you may want to visit "Learning Angular" first.


The documentation is divided into major thematic sections, each a collection of pages devoted to that theme.

Most of the documentation has been written for TypeScript developers and has not yet been translated to JavaScript. Please bear with us. Meanwhile, we've provide links to the TypeScript chapters where JavaScript versions are unavailable.


A first taste of Angular with zero installation. Run "Hello World" in an online code editor and start playing with live code.


Learn the Angular basics (you're already here!) like the setup for local development, displaying data and accepting user input, injecting application services into components, and building simple forms.

API Reference

Authoritative details about each of the Angular libraries.


A step-by-step, immersive approach to learning Angular that introduces the major features of Angular in an application context.


In-depth analysis of Angular features and development practices.


Recipes for specific application challenges, mostly code snippets with a minimum of exposition.

A few early pages are written as tutorials and are clearly marked as such. The rest of the pages highlight key points in code rather than explain each step necessary to build the sample. You can always get the full source through the live links.

Code samples

Each page includes code snippets from a sample application that accompanies the page. You can reuse these snippets in your applications.

Look for a link to a running version of that sample, often near the top of the page, such as this from the Architecture page. The link launches a browser-based, code editor where you can inspect, modify, save, and download the code.

Alternatively, you can run the example locally, next to those live-example links you have a download link. Just download, unzip, run npm install to install the dependencies and run it with npm start.

Reference pages


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